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  • unit FtpCli.pas
  • inheritance TFtpClient - TComponent

TFtpClient component is implementing the client side FTP protocol described in RFC 959. FTP protocol is the standard protocol for transfering files.


Binary Used to set file transfer to be either binary or ASCII.
Must call TypeSet or TypeSetAsync to activate.
Handle Handle for underlaying hidden window.
HostDirName Server folder name.
HostFileName Name of the file on the server.
HostName Server name or IP address of the server to connect.
LocalAddr Bind to this IP address when connecting.
LocalFileName Name of the file on the local PC.
PassWord Password for login if required.
Port IP port of the server to connect.
TimeOut Command timeout setting.
UserName User's login name.


Abort Abort the current operation.


OnRequestDone Triggered when a request is completed.

How to

How to implement a timeout for TFtpCli in my application?

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