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TSslHttpRest descends from THttpCli, and publishes all it's properties and events with additional methods and properties for making REST (REpresentional State Transfer) client requests. It also integrates several other existing components for extra HTTP functionality, including SSL configuration and certificate validation with a root bundle, SSL session caching, content compression, content code page decoding, persistent cookies, Json handling, logging and client SSL certificate.

The component uses TRestParams which define a collection of REST parameters and allows them to be saved as URL encoded or Json. An ICS version of Super Object Toolkit for Json is included supported by Delphi 7 and later. Using TSslHttpRest in new applications for HTTP and HTTPS requires only a few lines of code and no event handlers to make requests instead of much more code, SSL contexts, extra components and many event handlers when using THttpCli.

There is a new sample project OverbyteIcsHttpRestTst to demonstrate the HTTPS REST and OAuth Components.