ICS V8.61

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Changes in ICS V8.61 include:

  1. Added two new components using the new HTTPS REST component, which are both useful and illustrate how simply they can created, TIcsSms and TDnsQueryHttps, both in the OverbyteIcsSslHttpRest.pas unit with demos in OverbyteIcsHttpRestTst.
  2. The new TIcsSms component sends SMS text messages via an HTTP bureau, you will need an account. Initially supporting https://www.kapow.co.uk/ from where you set-up an account for £6.50 (about $9) which gives 100 message credits. Other similar bureaus can be added, provided there is an account for testing. The component has three methods, SendSMS sends an SMS to a mobile number and returns an ID, CheckSMS checks if the SMS with a specific ID has been delivered, pending or failed and CheckCredit returns remaining credit for the account. Messages longer than 140 characters should be sent as multiple messages, if supported by the network.
  3. The new TDnsQueryHttps component makes DNS queries over HTTPS (DOH), to ensure integrity and privacy from interception by ISPs or proxies. It includes a list of public DOH servers from Cloudfare, Google, Quad9 and others, and will make all common DNS queries, including all which does the seven most common queries together. The original TDnsQuery component has also been updated to support all the common queries and return them in using a single AnswerRecord array, rather than an array per query type, but remains backward compatible for existing queries. It now also returns alternate responses. Supports IPv6. The OverbyteIcsNsLookup sample uses TDnsQuery while the OverbyteIcsHttpRestTst sample uses TDnsQueryHttps. The latter sample also illustrates DNS over HTTPS using Json as a REST demo.
  4. Improved HTTP client and server NTLM authentication by adding Single Sign On with NTLM Session on Windows Domain to get credentials without needing them specified in code.
  5. Improvements in the HTTPS REST component to prevent TSslHttpCli events being overwritten by TSslHttpRest events. ResponseXX properties are now available in both OnRequestDone and OnRestRequestDone event handler. IcsHtmlToStr returns javascript content as well as XML and Json and does not ignore very short content.
  6. Improvements in the HTTP client, added more header response properties: RespDateDT, RespLastModDT, RespExpires and RespCacheControl. NoCache now sends Cache-Control: no-cache for HTTP/1.1.
  7. Fixed SSL certificate ValidateCertChain to check certificate start and expiry dates in UTC time instead of local time. Previously certificates issued in North America with UTC/GMT time stamps may have been seen as not yet valid.
  8. The FTP client now accepts badly formatted FEAT PROT responses.
  9. The Browser Demo sample using HtmlViewer now correctly supports authentication methods where a site requires a login, and has an improved log window that no longer slows down display of complex pages.