Midware TAppServer.OnBeforeProcessRequest

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Main page -> Midware component reference -> TAppServer -> OnBeforeProcessRequest


<syntaxhighlight lang="delphi"> type TProcessRequestEvent = procedure (Sender : TObject;

                                 CliWSocket : TClientWSocket;
                                 var CmdBuf : PChar;
                                 var CmdLen : integer) of object;

property OnBeforeProcessRequest : TProcessRequestEvent; </syntaxhighlight>


Occurs before a client request is processed, just after it has been received.

The OnBeforeProcessRequest event is triggered just before anything is done with a request received from the client. This is the right place to add code for decryption/decompression. If needed, the event handler can allocate memory or resources and change the values on the arguments (passed by var) to fit the requirement. Allocated resources must be freed from the OnAfterProcessCommand.