Midware TMWBuffer.WriteFields

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Main page -> Midware component reference -> TMWBuffer -> WriteFields


procedure WriteFields(NewRec:Boolean;Args:array of const);



<syntaxhighlight lang="delphi">

MWBuffer1.Rewrite;  // Clear TMWBuffer content
MWBuffer1.WriteFields(TRUE, ['Hello', 'World'];
for I := 1 to 3 do
    MWBuffer1.WriteField(FALSE, [I]);
MWBuffer1.WriteField(FALSE, ['Finished']);
MWBuffer1.WriteFields(TRUE, ['Another', 'Record'];

</syntaxhighlight> This sample code will write two records. The first will contains 6 fields: 'Hello', 'World', '1', '2', '3', 'Finished'. The seond will contain two fields: 'Another', 'Record'.