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  • unit NntpCli.pas
  • inheritance TNntpCli - TComponent

TNntpCli component is implementing the client side Nntp protocol described in RFC 3977. The Nntp protocoll is the standard protocoll for the usenet usegroup system.


ArticleEstimated ???.
ArticleFirst ???.
ArticleID ???.
ArticleLast ???.
ArticleNumber ???.
CtrlSocket The TWSocket used for communication.
ErrorMessage Last exception error message?.
GroupName Name of the usegroup to be processed?.
Host Name of the Nntp server to be used?.
LastResponse ???.
LineLimit Max. length of a post?.
Name Name of the component instance.
PassWord Password for the Nntp server?.
Port Port number for the Nntp service on the host.
PostingPermitted Posting allowed?.
ServerDate ???.
State ???.
StatusCode ???.
Tag Free useable number for your reference purposes.
UserName Username for accessing the host.


Abort Abort the current operation and drops the connection.
AbortAsync Abort the current operation and drops the connection (non-blocking).


OnDataAvailabe Triggered if data has been received.
OnDisplay ???.
OnMessageBegin ???.
OnMessageEnd ???.
OnMessageLine ???.
OnRcvdData Data received?.
OnRequestDone Some reqest has been completed.
OnSendData All data has been sent?.
OnSessionClosed The session to the server has been closed.
OnSessionConnected The session to the server has been established.
OnStateChange The status has been changed?.
OnXHdrBegin ???.
OnXHdrEnd ???.
OnXHdrLine ???.

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