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unit Ping.pas

The TPing component implements at least parts of the ICMP protocoll.

It can be used to check whether some other host is reachable or not.


Address The host's IP or DNS address which will be pinged.
DNSResult The IP address of the remote host if it was specified as DNS address in address property
ErrorCode Numerical error code of the ping operation.
ErrorString Textual error message.
Flags Integer?
Handle Handle for the underlying hidden window
HostIP ???
HostName ???
ICMPDLLHandle ???
LastErrStr ???
Multithreaded Set when component must use its own message pump.
Name Name of the instance.
PingMsg Text to be sent as content of the ICMP packet sent via Ping.
ReplyIP ?.
ReplyIPv6 ?.
ReplyRTT ?.
ReplySize ?.
ReplyStatus ?.
Size Size of the ICMP packet sent in bytes.
SocketFamily Kind of the socket to be used: IPv4, IPv6....
ScrAddress Source address of the host starting the ping?
ScrAddress6 The same as SrcAddress but for IPv6
Tag Integer value which can be used for your own purposes, e.g. when iterating through all controls of a form.
Terminated ???
ThreadID ???
Timeout Time in miliseconds which may elapse between sending and receiving the ICMP packet.
TTL Sets the Time To Live value within the packet being sent.
WndHandler ???


CancelDNSLookup Cancel a running DNS lookup.
Create Create the instance.
DNSLoopup Look up the IP to a given DNS address.
MessageLoop ???
MessagePump ???
Ping Synchronously sends the ICMP packet.
PingAsync Asynchronously sends the ICMP packet.
PostQuitMessage ???
ProcessMessage ???
ProcessMessages ???
ThreadAttach Attach to the current thread.
ThreadDetach Detach from the current thread.


BgException ?.
OnDisplay ?.
OnDNSLookupDone Called when the DNSLookup has been finished.
OnEchoReply Called when the answer to the ping arrive.
OnEchoRequest Called when the request is being sent.

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