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  • unit SmtpProt
  • inheritance TCustomSmtpCli->TSmtpCli->TSyncSmtpCli

Component TSyncSmtpCli implements client-side of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the synchronous version of TSmtpCli. The working is exactly the same except a few methods have been added for synchronous (blocking) operation. This page only shows the differences.


See TSmtpCli


The new methods are: AbortSync, AuthSync, ConnectSync, DataSync, EhloSync, HeloSync, MailSync, MailFromSync, OpenSync, QuitSync, RcptToSync, RsetSync, VrfySync. They work exactly as their asynchronous version (See TSmtpCli) except they do not return before their task is done.


See TSmtpCli