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<syntaxhighlight lang="delphi"> procedure Noop; virtual; </syntaxhighlight>


Sends NOOP command to a POP3 server. This command is valid only during TRANSACTION state. It doesn't do anything useful in particular but you can use it to prevent idle-timeout by sending it periodically. The server should reply only with positive response which you can handle in OnRequestDone event. Note that some servers might limit the number of NOOP commands you issue in a row and respond with an error code if you go over that limit, so you may not be able to maintain idle state forever.

Delphi Example

<syntaxhighlight lang="delphi"> Pop3Cli.Noop; </syntaxhighlight>

C++ Example

<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp"> Pop3Cli->Noop(); </syntaxhighlight>

Best practices

How to