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property LineMode: boolean;


If set to true, LineMode enables automatic splitting of received data into packets based on a user definable char sequence.


If the client always sends data lines terminated with CR/LF and the server shall display the lines individually in a memo, the server would set LineMode to true so the caller always receives complete lines without needing to search for the end of line.

<syntaxhighlight lang="delphi">

 Socket.LineLimit:=100;             // prevent denial of service or buffer 
                                    // overflows
 Socket.LineEnd:=chr(10) + chr(13); // the sender has to terminate all 
                                    // messages sent with this character 
                                    // combination


In OnDataAvailable ReceiveStr is used to fetch the available data packet by packet.

Best practices

Always set LineLimit to prevent buffer overflows.

How to