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unit OverbyteIcsDES.pas
inheritance none

This unit implements DES encryption routines. DES is a 56 bit block encryption standard developed back in the 1970's by IBM. It is still widely used even if proven now to be breakable by special hardware within less than three days. If one wants to use DES a variant of it, called triple DES, should be used. This isn't directly implemented in this unit but can easily be done in your own code.

DES as a standard has been superceded by AES.

Support Types

TArrayOf8Bytes = array [0..7] of Byte;
PArrayOf8Bytes = ^TArrayOf8Bytes;


procedure DES(          { Function encrypt/decrypt data using DES algotithm }
   const Input  : TArrayOf8Bytes;       { 64 bit of input                   }
   var   Output : TArrayOf8Bytes;       { 64 bit output from DES algorithm  }
   const Key    : TArrayOf8Bytes;       { 64 bit key for DES algorithm      }
   Encrypt      : Boolean);             { TRUE to encrypt, FALSE to decrypt }

How to

Build a triple DES encryption

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