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ICS Units Root Directory

Based on: ics — Revision 1264: /trunk

Install/ .groupproj files
Lib/ OverbyteIcsTnOptFrm.dfm versions
Packages/ .dpk .res .bdsproj .dproj ... files
Samples/ Delphi Win32/Win64 common source for all demos
Samples/Delphi/BrowserDemo/ Delphi Win32/Win64 Web Browser sample application (all Delphi versions)
Samples/Delphi/BrowserDemo/Resources/ Resource file, web pages and movie linked into browser demo
Samples/Delphi/FtpDemos/ Delphi Win32/Win64 FTP sample applications (all Delphi versions)
Samples/Delphi/MailNewsDemos/ Delphi Win32/Win64 SMTP, POP3, NNTP sample applications (all Delphi versions)
Samples/Delphi/MiscDemos/ Delphi Win32/Win64 Miscellaneous applications (all Delphi versions)
Samples/Delphi/OtherDemos/ Delphi Win32/Win64 DNS, Ping, SNMP, Syslog sample applications (all Delphi versions)
Samples/Delphi/PlatformDemos/ Delphi FireMonkey and cross-platform samples (Delphi XE2+)
Samples/Delphi/SocketDemos/ Delphi Win32/Win64 Socket sample applications (all Delphi versions)
Samples/Delphi/SslInternet/ Delphi Win32/Win64 SSL-enabled sample applications (all Delphi versions)
Samples/Delphi/WebDemos/ Delphi Win32/Win64 HTTP sample applications (all Delphi versions)
Samples/Delphi/WebDemos/WebAppServerData/ Directory for WebAppServ demo data files
Samples/Delphi/WebDemos/WebServData/ Directory for WebServ demo data files
Samples/cpp/Internet/ C++Builder sample applications
Samples/cpp/Internet/cb2006/ C++Builder 2006 projects
Samples/cpp/Internet/cb2007/ C++Builder 2007 projects
Samples/cpp/Internet/cb2009/ C++Builder 2009 projects
Samples/cpp/Internet/cb2010/ C++Builder 2010 projects
Samples/cpp/Internet/cbXE/ C++Builder XE projects
Samples/cpp/Internet/cbXE2/ C++Builder XE2 projects
Source/ Source code.
Source/Include/ (was Delphi\Vc32) .inc files (including OverbyteIcsDefs.inc)
Source/Extras/ (was Delphi\Vc32) Extra source code not built into packages
Source/zobj125/ (was Delphi\Vc32) ZLIB C OBJ include files
ReadMe8.txt Has more details