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Changes in ICS V9.2 include:

  1. V9.2 is a minor release, fixing a few issues introduced in the last major release, and other bugs located since. There are no breaking or installation changes from V9.1, but if updating from earlier releases please read https://wiki.overbyte.eu/wiki/index.php/Updating_projects_to_V9.1
  2. TIcsMailQueue can now queue a prepared EML file created by another application, or perhaps received by the SMTP Server. Added optional SkipEmpty argument to StartMailQu method so queue is not started unless there are pending emails waiting to be sent. The sample has 'Send Prepared EML File' to queue an existing EML file rather then preparing email with properties.
  3. Improved email MIME decoding by supporting embedded boundaries, usually for multipart/alternative parts, within a multipart/mixed message, using code written 20 years ago but suppressed for some reason. Previously these parts were sometimes left encoded within a part. There is a new property LooseRFC to allow decoding if the boundaries in the body are missing the two required hyphens, usually because the boundary also begins with hyphens. TMimeDecodeEx should now always return the body if no MIME parts are found, and TPartInfo has PLevel which is Part Level, and PInfo which is displayable part information for logs. The MimeDDemo sample has various improvements to test these features.
  4. Fixed a nasty Win64 problem reading EC certificates from the Windows Store, which may have caused server crashes, also reproducible in the PemTool listing the Windows Store. This was due to Win64 bad initialisation of a buffer used for a Crypto API call that failed.
  5. The HTTP client now check the URL always has / at start of the path, ie add it for test.com?query. In the REST client, added a sanity check for RawParameters to encode any spaces, which can break the HTTP request. After a file download completed, check actual file size against response size. The multipart/form-data MimeBoundary no longer includes extra -- at start that are required preceding boundaries within parts, some web servers may have been unable to decode our MIME encoding.
  6. The HTTP server has a new method AnswerRedirect for various redirection responses to a new URL. When accessing the default document in a path without a trailing path delimited /, redirect using 301 to the correct path with delimiter instead of adding it locally and displaying the document which will then incorrectly link to pages in a higher level directory. Using the THttpOption hoAddMissPath redirects if the default document is missing perhaps a template or virtual document. Fixed a bug where authenticated POST/PUT requests always returned a 404 error. Added AnswerBodyTB client response with TBytes binary, similar to AnswerString, tested in the sample by supporting favicon.ico request. Check if the request HTTP version gets corrupted due to spaces in the URL, which are not allowed. The SslMultiWebServ sample has new web pages to test POST/PUT and template authentication.
  7. TSslX509Certs has a new function CertResetDomain to reset a certificate order state to None, if the order process stalls or gets confused due to errors. If AcmeV2StartChallgs fails because there are no pending challenges, reset to order to None so it starts again next time and does not loop.
  8. ICS not longer tries to load OpenSSL RAND_screen function that may be missing from recent DLLs.
  9. TIcsHttpMulti fixes a bug introduced in V8.66 that stopped the application setting authentication, rather than adding it to the URL, and a Win64 free stream bug.
  10. TIcsIpStrmLog correctly counts failed client connection attempts if ping is not used first to check the remote IP address. The sample has a new client Retry Attempts box to test this.
  11. Updated the Snippets sample to use authentication to access some the hardcoded URLs, which started failing after authentication was added to test web server bugs (see above).
  12. Added OverbyteIcsHttpThrd sample to show how to use TSslHttpRest component in a multi-threaded program.
  13. Improved Posix support for Linux and Android, not tested or supported yet. Beware SSL does not correctly load for Posix at the moment.
  14. Added support for a new feature release of OpenSSL 3.3 with {$DEFINE OpenSSL_33} in the Defs.inc file, ICS includes new versions of the active versions, 3.3.1, 3.2.2 and 3.0.14, but no longer includes 3.1 since there are two newer feature versions.
  15. Updated the 'ICS Intermediate Short' SSL certificates, used by ICS to generate temporary server certificates to allow SSL servers to run until a Let's Encrypt or commercial certificate is installed. It now expires after 200 days, 21st December 2024, after which self signed certificates will be used instead, unless a newer 'short' is installed.
  16. Only Delphi 10.41 and 10.42 (10.4 with updates 1 or 2) will install correctly with the new install packages, the original RTM version does not support the package LIB suffix: $(Auto) so you must change it manually for each package to 21.0.