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unit ApsCli.pas

TAppSrvClient is used on the client side to connect to the application server. His main purpose is to send a request to the application server and receive answers from the application server. TAppSrvClient establish and manage connection and dialog with MidWare application server.


Answer The Answer property holds the answer from the application server.
Handle The handle for the hidden window used to send and receive internal messages for component work.
AnswerStatus The AnswerStatus property hold the ResultStatus returned back by the application server.
Connected The connected property tell if connection with the server is alive.
FunctionCode The function code is a string which is used by the application server to know which server object to instanciate to execute the request.
Port This is the port number used by the server to listen for clients.
Request The request property holds the parameters sent to the application server.
RequestBody RequestBody gives the address where the message body is stored just before sending it to the application server.
RequestBodyLen RequestBodyLen gives the message body length just before sending it to the application server.
RequestHeader RequestHeader gives the address where the message header is stored just before sending it to the application server.
RequestHeaderLen RequestHeaderLen gives the message header length just before sending it to the application server.
Server This is the IP address or hostname for the application server.
SocksAuthentication SocksAuthentication specifies which socks5 authentication method to use.
SocksPassword SocksPassword is the password used for Socks5 connection.
SocksPort Socks5 port number.
SocksServer IP or hostname for socks5 server.
SocksUsercode Socks5 usercode.
State State property gives the component state:
WSocket WSocket is the reference to the underlaiying TClientWSocket component used for communication with the application server.


Close Close the communication with the application server.
Send Send a FunctionCode and Request (parmeters) to the application server.


OnAfterProcessReply Occurs after a reply has been processed.
OnAfterSendRequest Occurs just after a request has been sent to server.
OnBeforeProcessReply Occurs when a reply has been received and before it is processed.
OnBannerRcdv Occurs when banner is received from server.
OnBeforeSendRequest Occurs before a request is ready to be sent to server.
OnRequestDone Occurs when a request has been statisfied and result set is available.
OnSessionClosed Occurs when connection with application server has been closed.
OnSessionConnected Occurs when connection is established with application server.
OnSocksAuthState Occurs during socks authentication process.
OnSocksConnected Occurs when connected to socks server (firewall).
OnSocksError Occurs when a socks error has been detected.

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