Midware TMWTable.OnEditError

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 <syntaxhighlight lang="delphi">


  TDataAction = (daFail, daAbort, daRetry);
  TDataSetErrorEvent = procedure(DataSet: TDataSet; E: EDatabaseError;var Action: TDataAction) of object;


<syntaxhighlight lang="delphi"> property OnEditError: TDataSetErrorEvent; </syntaxhighlight>


Occurs when an application attempts to modify or insert a record and an exception is raised.

Write an OnEditError event handler to handle exceptions that occur when an attempt to edit a record fails. E is a pointer to the database error object that contains the exception error message so that an application can display an error message. Action indicates how the handler should respond to the error.

See Delphi help about TDataSet.OnEditeError for more details.