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DisplayMemo TRequestbroker component use DisplayMemo property to display informative messages.
IniFileName Used to pass an INI file name to TServerObject.
UserData UserData is not used by the request broker nor the application server component TAppServer.
ObjectCount Readonly property.
ObjectCountLabel TRequestbroker component use ObjectCountLabel property to display ObjectCount property value.


AddServerObject AddServerObject should be called from the main application server code, at startup to build the request broker object table.
AddServerObjectWithReference AddServerObjectWithReference does the same job as AddServerObject and also initialize the reference in added TServerObject to make TServerObject.CopyFromReference works correctly.
BrokeRequest BrokeRequest is the ORB main method.
EnumServerFunction This method is used to enumerate all server functions.


OnDisplay Occurs when the component need to display something on the user interface such as error or informatinal messages.
OnObjCreate OnObjCreate can be used to update the user interface or to log server activity into a log file.

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