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TFtpServer component is implementing the server side FTP protocol described in RFC 959. FTP protocol is the standard protocol for transfering files.


Addr IP address of the interface to listen on. Use to listen on all interfaces.
Port TCP port to listen to.
Banner Welcome message sent to client.
UserData Data passed to each client instance.
MaxClients Maximum number of simultaneous clients to be accepted.
PasvIpAddr IP address used for passive mode.
PasvPortRangeStart TCP port range start to be used for passive mode.
PasvPortRangeSize TCP port range size to be used for passive mode.
Options Options set to change component behaviour.
ClientCount Current number of connected clients. Runtime only.
Client Array of connected clients. Runtime only.
Active Set/Get server state. Runtime only.
Handle Handle for underlying hidden window. Runtime only.
ServSocket Underlying listening socket. Runtime only.


Start Make the server listening for clients.
Stop Make the server stop listening for client. Doesn't disconnect connected clients.
Disconnect Disconnect a single client.
DisconnectAll Disconnect all clients.
IsClient Check if an object is actual a client.


OnStart OnStart.
OnStop OnStop.
OnClientConnect OnClientConnect.
OnAuthenticate OnAuthenticate.
OnClientDisconnect OnClientDisconnect.
OnClientCommand OnClientCommand.
OnAnswerToClient OnAnswerToClient.
OnChangeDirectory OnChangeDirectory.
OnMakeDirectory OnMakeDirectory.
OnBuildDirectory OnBuildDirectory.
OnAlterDirectory OnAlterDirectory.
OnStorSessionConnected OnStorSessionConnected.
OnStorSessionClosed OnStorSessionClosed.
OnRetrSessionConnected OnRetrSessionConnected.
OnRetrSessionClosed OnRetrSessionClosed.
OnRetrDataSent OnRetrDataSent.
OnValidatePut OnValidatePut.
OnValidateSize OnValidateSize.
OnValidateDele OnValidateDele.
OnValidateRmd OnValidateRmd.
OnValidateRnfr OnValidateRnFr.
OnValidateRnTo OnValidateRnTo.
OnValidateGet OnValidateGet.
OnStorDataAvailable OnStorDataAvailable.
OnGetUniqueFileName OnGetUniqueFileName (STOU).
OnGetProcessing OnGetProcessing.
OnBuildFilePath OnBuildFilePath.
OnValidateMfmt OnValidateMfmt (MFMT - modify file modification time).
OnCalculateMd5 OnCalculateMd5.

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