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  • unit HttpProt.pas
  • inheritance THttpCli - TComponent

THttpCli component is implementing the client side HTTP protocol described in RFC 1945 and RFC 2068. HTTP protocol is the standard protocol for browsing the World Wide Web. If you need an encrypted connection, use the SslHTTPCli component instead.


Accept Mime types accepted in the reply.
AcceptLanguage Languages accepted in the reply.
AcceptRanges Ranges accepted.
Agent User agent sent to server.
AuthorizationRequest List of authentication methods.
Connection Connection type for keep-alive.
ContentLength Received document length.
ContentRangeBegin Start of requested range.
ContentRangeEnd End of requested range.
ContentType Received document mime type.
ContentTypePost Sent document mime type.
Cookie Cookies to be sent.
CtrlSocket The underlying instance of TWSocket handles the connection and raw data exchange.
DnsResult Result of DNS request.
DocName Received document name.
FollowRelocation Tell the component o follow or not the relocations.
Handle Hidden window handle.
Hostname Hostname to which the URL point.
LastResponse Last response from server.
LocalAddr Local address to which underlying socket is bound.
Location Where the relocation will take place.
ModifiedSince Requested modification datetime.
MultiThreaded To tell the component it runs within a thread.
NoCache Tell the server to not cache the request.
Options Options.
Protocol Protocol extracted from the URL.
Proxy Proxy to traverse to before connecting. The IP address or hostname of the proxy server.
ProxyConnection Type of proxy connection. "Keep-Alive" or blank.
ProxyPort Port to be used to connect to proxy.
ProxyURL Combines four proxy properties as a URL for simplicity, i.e. http://[user[:password]@]host:port. Set ProxyAuth if that is required.
RcvdCount Bytes received.
RcvdHeader Received header.
RcvdStream Stream to receive a document.
ReasonPhrase Status returned by server.
Reference To send the referrer to the server.
RequestVer HTTP version to be used in the request.
Sender Sender to be sent to server.
SendStream Stream to be posted.
SentCount Bytes sent.
SocksAuthentication Socks server authentication type.
SocksLevel Sockers server protocol level.
SocksPassword Socks server password.
SocksPort Socks server port.
SocksServer Socks server hostname or IP.
SocksUsercode Socks server usercode.
State Component state.
StatusCode Server status code.
TransferEncoding Received document transfer encoding.
URL Complete URL to act on


Abort Abort the current operation.
Close Close the current connection (synchronous).
CloseAsync Close the current connection (asynchronous).
Create Create a new component instance.
Destroy Destroy the current component instance.
Get Request an URL using GET method (synchronous).
GetASync Request an URL using GET method (asynchronous).
Head Request the header for an URL (synchronous).
HeadASync Request the header for an URL (asynchronous).
Post Request an URL using the POST method (synchronous).
PostASync Request an URL using the POST method (asynchronous).
Put Request an URL using the PUT method (synchronous).
PutASync Request an URL using the PUT method (asynchronous).


OnBeforeHeaderSend Triggered before the header is sent.
OnCommand Triggered for each command sent.
OnCookie Triggered when a cookie has been received.
OnDataPush Received data outside of any request.
OnDataPush2 Received data outside of a header.
OnDocBegin Triggered when the document part is about to be received.
OnDocData Triggered for each packet of the document part.
OnDocEnd Triggered when the document is complete.
OnHeaderBegin Triggered when the first header line is about to be received.
OnHeaderData Triggered for each received header line.
OnHeaderEnd Triggered when the header has been completely received.
OnLocationChange Triggered whenever the server sent a location change.
OnRequestDone Triggered when a request is completed.
OnRequestHeaderBegin Triggered when the first header line is about to be sent.
OnRequestHeaderEnd Triggered when the last header line has been sent.
OnSendBegin Triggered before sending document part.
OnSendData Triggered when sending document part.
OnSendEnd Triggered when document has been sent completely.
OnSessionClosed Triggered when the current connection has been closed.
OnSessionConnected Triggered when the connection has been openend.
OnSocketError Triggered when a socket error occured.
OnSocksConnected Triggered when connected to socks server.
OnSocksError Triggered when a error occurs with the socks server.
OnStateChange Triggered when component state change.

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