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  • unit HttpSrv.pas
  • inheritance THttpServer- TComponent

THttpServer component is implementing the server side HTTP protocol. HTTP protocol is the standard protocol for browsing the World Wide Web.
If you want to write a web application, you should use THttpAppSrv which derive from THttpServer and add a lot of nice features to ease writing HTTP application server.


Addr Binds the server to a specific IP-address and only receives request for that IP+Port.
AuthDigestMethod Select the method to be used for digest authentication.
AuthDigestNonceLifeTimeMin Life time for digest nonce.
AuthRealm Name space for authentication.
AuthTypes Allowed authentications methods.
DefaultDoc Name of the default document.
DocDir Path name for the root directory where documents are stored.
IcsLogger Reference to the TIcsLgger component.
KeepAliveTimeSec Keep alive time expressed in seconds.
LingerOnOff How linger must be done. This affect the way sockets are closed.
LingerTimeout How long should the socket linger when closing.
ListenBackog How many connections can be queued by the OS before refusing new connections.
MaxClients Maximum number of simultaneous client accepted. Use 0 if not limit desired.
MaxRequestsKeepAlive MaxRequestsKeepAlive.
Name Component name.
Options Affect how the component is operating.
Port TCP port number the component has to listen to.
Tag Tag.
TemplateDir Path where the component search for dynamic pages templates.

Runtime properties

ClientCount Number of currently connected clients.
Client Array of connected clients. Index is from 0 to ClientCount - 1.
ClientClass Reference to the class the component has to instanciate for each client.
WSocketServer Reference to the underlaying TWSocketServer.


Start Starts the webserver so it lisen for incoming requests.


OnServerStarte Triggered when server has started listening
OnServerStopped Triggered when server has stopped listening
OnClientConnect Triggered when a client has connected
OnClientDisconnect Triggered when a client is about to disconnect.
OnGetDocument Triggered when a client sent GET request. You can either do nothing and let server handle all work, or you can build a document on the fly or refuse access.
OnHeadDocument Triggered when a client sent HEAD request. You can either do nothing and let server handle all work, or you can build a document header on the fly or refuse access.
OnPostDocument Triggered when a client sent POST request. You have to tell if you accept data or not. If you accept, you'll get OnPostedData event with incomming data.
OnPostedData Triggered when client post data and you accepted it from OnPostDocument event. When you've got all data, you have to build a reply to be sent to client.
OnHttpRequestDone A HTTP request has been handled on behalf of a client.
OnBeforeProcessRequest Triggered before processing any request.
OnFilterDirEntry Triggered to filter directory entries.
OnAuthGetPassword Triggered to get the password for authentication
OnAuthResult TAuthResultEvent
OnAuthGetType TAuthGetTypeEvent
OnAuthNtlmBeforeValidat TAuthNtlmBeforeValidate
OnUnknownRequestMethod Triggered when an unimplemented request is received. The request headers, method, path, etc., will be populated.

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