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Unit OverbyteIcsTnCnx.pas

TTnCnx implements Telnet options negotiations on a TWSocket connection, inherits from TIcsWndControl.


Host Used to set.
LocalAddr Local Address for IPv4.
LocalAddr6 Local Address for IPv6.
LocalEcho Display sent characters on local side as well?.
Handle Window handle.
Location ?.
Name Name of the instance.
Port Port on the server side where the connection is made to.
State Status of the socket used.
Socket The socket used internally.
Tag Integer property for free usage.
TermType Type of the terminal (internally used command language).


Close Close the connection.
Connect Connect to a server.
Create Create the instance.
Destroy Free the instance.
DontOption ?.
DoOption ?.
IsConnected Does a connection exist?.
Notification ?.
Pause Pause socket operations.
Resume Resume socket operations after a Pause.
WillOption ?.
WontOption ?.


OnDisplay Called when there is disconnect or error ???.
OnEndOfRecord Called when the end of a record is reached.
OnLocalEcho Called when server has set local echo state.
OnSendLoc Called when server requests location information.
OnTermType Called when server requests the type of the terminal.
OnSessionConnected Called upon successful connection of a session.
OnDataAvailable Called when data has been received.
OnSessionClosed Called after a close of the existing connection.