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property LineMode: String;


LineEnd specifies the delimiter sequence used to detect the end of a message. The sender must append this sequence to all packets he sends, otherwise the receiver will get garbage since several packets will be received as one.


If the client always sends data lines which end on CR/LF and the server shall display the lines individually in a memo, the server would set LineMode to true so that he always receives whole lines without needing to look for the end of a line himself.

<syntaxhighlight lang="delphi">

 Socket.LineLimit:=100;             // prevent denial of service or buffer 
                                    // overflows
 Socket.LineEnd  :=chr(10)+chr(13); // the sender has to terminate all 
                                    // messages sent with this character 
                                    // combination


In OnDataAvailable ReceiveStr is used to fetch the available data packet by packet.

Best practices

  • Use a sequence as terminator which can never occur in your data
  • A longer sequence makes occurrence in your data less likely

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