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property CharSet : string;


Describes the content-type charset or charset of MIME inline encoded header lines.

  • In ICS-V5 and V6 it's just the string value used by the component to form header lines.
  • In ICS-V7 and later its value may also trigger charset conversion depending on whether property ConvertToCharset is set or not.
  • With ANSI compilers and ConvertToCharset set to TRUE the component converts MailMessage.Text and header lines from current, system ANSI codepage to the charset specified.
  • With UNICODE compilers ConvertToCharset is always ignored and the UnicodeString is converted to the charset specified.

Since ICS-V7 the component checks whether a charset is supported or not and raises an SmtpException on assignment of an unsupported charset! Assigning an empty string sets the default system charset silently.


 SmtpCli1.CharSet := 'iso-8859-1';
 SmtpCli1.CharSet := 'utf-8';  

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