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Unicode Changes

Since Delphi/C++Builder 2009 and better "string" maps to a UnicodeString. That's why the component has to convert these UTF-16 strings to ANSI strings with a correct code page first before transmission. Also SMTP allows 7-bit ASCII chars in the range hex 00-7F only. So if the (converted) AnsiString contains characters in the 8-bit range (hex 80-FF) it has to be encoded with a proper transfer-encoding as well.

TSmtpCli V7 is capable to perform the right string conversion and encoding automatically in the background, provided the following conditions met:

Notes on property CharSet (breaking change in V7!)

  • Assigning an unsupported value raises an SmtpException and sets the default system charset.
  • Assigning an empty string sets the default system charset silently.

Mapping of MIME charset names to Windows code page identifiers is done in new unit OverbyteIcsCharsetUtils. If a charset name is mapped to a code page identifier it's not guaranteed that this ID is available and supported by Windows as well. For example, the Chinese character sets are not supported by default on western Windows installations unless you install the optional Far-East language pack.

Avoid use of "utf-7", UTF-7 does not yet work very well, instead use "utf-8" if you want to send UNICODE.

New Property ConvertToCharset

If set to TRUE enforces charset conversion to the character set specified in property CharSet. This property is ignored by UNICODE compilers.

Misc New Features

Methods CalcMsgSize, CalcMsgSizeSync and event OnMessageDataSent. Public property MessageSize. Method MailFromSIZE. Properties SizeSupported and MaxMessageSize.