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Main page -> ICS component reference -> TSmtpCli -> DefaultEncoding


property DefaultEncoding : TSmtpDefaultEncoding;


Default Transfer-Encoding.

Possible values are:

smtpEnc7bit, smtpEnc8bit, smtpEncQuotedPrintable, smtpEncBase64 

The value actually used by the component may change depending on value of property Allow8BitChars. If Allow8BitChars is set to FALSE and either smtpEnc7bit or smtpEnc8bit is set the component would encode strings quoted-printable if encoding was required, if smtpEncQuotedPrintable or smtpEncBase64 is set this encoding is enforced, regardless whether encoding was required or not.

Best Practice

Set it to smtpEnc7Bit and disable property Allow8BitChars.

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