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Here, you'll find the most frequently asked questions which cover a range of components or all. You will find questions specific to one component in the How to section of each component.

How to get ICS

Getting ICS source code, SVN and OpenSSL files

ICS 8.58 Release Notes

ICS 8.50 Release Notes

How ICS works

Asynchronous paradigm The non-blocking nature of ICS.
Sending and receiving data Draft discussing possible formats of data transfer.


Concatenating data A example on how to concatenate chuncks of data in a CPU / Memory friendly way.
Difference TCP/UDP What is the difference between TCP and UDP and which to use when ?
General General questions not belonging to other sections
Internet Specific for internet in general
Microsoft .NET framework Using ICS with the Microsoft .NET framework
Multi-Threading Using ICS components and threads
Progress bar Implementing a progress bar
Timeouts Implementing timeouts on connections or protocols
Firewalls Issues concerning firewalls
Order SSL Certificates Automatically order, download and install SSL/TLS certificates
IcsHosts Using IcsHosts in server components
TSslCertTools Using TSslCertTools component
TSslHttpRest Using TSslHttpRest component
TRestOAuth Using TRestOAuth component