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Sockets components

These components implement the basic TCP/IP sockets.

Twsocket.gif TWSocket Basic Socket for TCP and UDP, client and server
Twsocketserver.gif TWSocketServer Basic TCP Server Socket
Twsocketthrdserver.gif TWSocketThrdServer Multithreaded TCP Server Socket (Usually not needed)

Windows Component

TIcsWndControl Component encapsulating windows message queue

Protocol components

These components implement some of the protocols used by TCP/IP applications, over the Internet. All are implementing RFCs as described on the IETF website.

Tfingercli.gif TFingerCli Finger Client
Tftpcli.gif TFtpClient FTP Client
Tftpserver.gif TFtpServer FTP Server
Thttpcli.gif THttpCli HTTP Client
Thttpserver.gif THttpServer HTTP Server
THttpAppSrv.gif THttpAppSrv HTTP Application Server
Tnntpcli.gif TNntpCli NNTP Client (News)
Thtmlnntpcli.gif THtmlNntpCli HTML NNTP Client
Tping.gif TPing Ping client
Ttncnx.gif TTnCnx Telnet Connection
Tsmtpcli.gif TSmtpCli SMTP Client
TSmtpServer.gif TSmtpServer SMTP Server
Tsyncsmtpcli.gif TSyncSmtpCli Synchronous SMTP Client
Thtmlsmtpcli.gif THtmlSmtpCli HTML Smtp Client
Tpop3cli.gif TPop3Cli POP3 Client
Tsyncpop3cli.gif TSyncPop3cli Synchronous POP3 Client
Tdnsquery.gif TDnsQuery DNS Query Client

Helper Components

Tmimedecode.gif TMimeDecode Mime Decoder - ANSI-version, has properties of AnsiString type
Tmimedecode.gif TMimeDecodeW Derived from TMimeDecode - adds UnicodeString/WideString properties like header lines etc.
Tmimedecode.gif TMimeDecodeEx Derived from TMimeDecodeW - decodes a complete MIME message in memory and provides easy access to the parts rather than using streams, but not recommended for apps where memory usage matters
Temulvt.gif TEmulVT VT Terminal Emulator - Screen component
Ttnemulvt.gif TTnEmulVT Telnet VT Terminal Emulator - Screen component linked to negotiated Telnet connection
Ttnscript.gif TTnScript Telnet Script - TTnEmulVT with scripting ability
Tmbxhandler.gif TMbxHandler Mail Box Handler (obsolete, don't use it anymore)
Twait.gif TWait Wait socket (obsolete, don't use it anymore)
Ticslogger.gif TIcsLogger Logger class
TIcsCharsetComboBox.gif TIcsCharsetComboBox MIME Charset Picker


SHA1 Secure Hash Algoritm 1 implementation, D10 Seattle and newer provide this in System.Hash as well
MD4 Message Digest 4 Hash algorithm implementation
MD5 Message Digest 5 Hash algorithm implementation, D10 Seattle and newer provide this in System.Hash as well
DES Data Encryption Standard encryption algorithm implementation

List of demo programs

Demo applications installed with the ICS-package


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